Innovative Technology

Ready in two minutes

GILDA is ready to use in next to no time. The boiler only needs two minutes to heat up, with steam ready after a mere 40 seconds. As other coffee machines require up to 20 minutes, this represents a veritable quantum leap in terms of time savings.

Perfect espresso

GILDA is as individual as the person who operates it. The sophisticated temperature control system allows the pressure, temperature and flow rate to be set exactly for each cup of coffee or espresso. Consistently high quality is then guaranteed.

Textbook milk foam

Delicious cappuccino and latte macchiato are also possible. After foaming the milk, you can immediately pour the coffee as the milk becomes smooth and creamy. This is no trouble for GILDA. The secret is its two separat boilers - one for hot water and one for steam.

Time for tea

GILDA is also the ideal choice for tea lovers. Depending on the tea variety, the full flavour is only released at a certain temperature. This is where GILDA comes into it own - the system is equipped with a separate hot-water pipe with temperature control.

Clean and efficient

GILDA uses energy efficiently. Thanks to a sophisticatet system, it requires serveral time less energy than comparable devices. It also switches off automatically after a set period of time. GILDA ist additionally designed so that it is easy to clean and look after. 


Perfect grinding

Set the quantity, set the fineness, place the filter basket under the grinder outlet – and a fabulous aroma of coffee immediately starts to permeate the room. Every individual portion is freshly ground and delivered straight into the filter.

Pure taste

Always freshly tailored to the bean: thanks to the incredible precision of its patented dispensing system, not one bean remains in the grinder. Want to change variety? No problem, since the grinder mechanism is completely empty after every grind. Changing the fineness of the grind is quick and easy.

Perfect form factor

Superior, stylish quality: like the GILDA coffee machine, its big sister, the GILDA coffee grinder is a slice of Swiss perfection. As you would expect from an appliance of this quality, it treats the beans with utmost care. It's also a real eye-catcher and easy to stow thanks to its compact dimensions. Clear lines pared down to the essentials, user-friendliness – everything you need for a perfect coffee.